I’m Derrick Pasley, the owner and operator of Happy Family Construction. Our company provides high-quality roofing and handyman services, at affordable rates. We believe in treating your home as we would our own. 

I’ve been in business a long time with my family, over 4 years with our business and 8 years total in the industry. In that time, we’ve worked on hundreds of projects and made countless friends. As a local Murfreesboro roofer and handyman team, we’ve worked in every kind of weather you can imagine, through sweltering heat and punishing storms, during day and night. Some of our projects were finished up in a few hours, while others took weeks.

Working on someone’s home is a big deal. A lot of emotions are wrapped up in a person’s home, and whenever a project takes place there, it becomes even more important that the work is done right. We understand that, and we’re driven to impress by the satisfaction of our customers. No matter the job, we offer a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. After we finish up, we triple-check our work, then ask the customer to walk through the area for an inspection. If they’re not happy with anything, we do what it takes to make them happy, or else we simply do not get paid. That is part of what sets our team apart. When you hire a roofer or handyman from our team, you know you will get exactly what you hoped for or we will not go to bed satisfied.

But when we finish up a project and the homeowner inspects the work, our proudest moments are when their face lights up because the work turned out better than they could have expected. Those are the moments we live for, that knowledge that we had a positive impact on someone’s home, and our work helped to make them a little bit happier. In the end, working on someone’s home isn’t just a job-it’s a privilege and a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments.