The holiday season is about to be in full swing. During this festive and busy time of year, friends and family will likely be visiting your home with more frequency than usual. Before you deck the halls, cook the turkey, or put up your tree, consider these tips for preparing your home for the holidays. As your local Murfreesboro home repair team, we are here to ensure your house will keep your guests cozy and safe this holiday season.

Start with a List

Before you dive into crafting unique decorations for your home, take stock of what needs to be repaired around the house. Make a list and prioritize the most important down to the items that could possibly wait. Some important items to check around the home include the following:

  • Windows: Inspect your windows for any cracks in the glass or gaps in the sealant around the edges. Fall is also a good time to consider upgrading your windows to more energy efficient products.
  • Gutters: Are your gutters functioning properly? A gutter system that is clogged, broken, or falling off your roof will not direct rain away from your home in a controlled manner. This can lead to flooding around your house, damage to your landscaping, and damage to your home’s exterior.
  • Air Ducts: Are your air ducts clean? Over time dust, debris, and even dead vermin can accumulate in your air ducts. Schedule a cleaning before your family arrives to improve the quality of the air your guests will be breathing.
  • Mold: Has mold accumulated in your home? Mold remediation is one of our specialties and we will be happy to help you rid your home of this harmful fungus. Mold is potentially harmful to you and your loved one’s health, so give this item high priority on your list.
  • Siding: Was your siding damaged during summer storms? Is your siding old and dirty with peeling paint? Consider pressure washing your home to rid the siding of dirt. If your siding is damaged it might be time to upgrade to new siding. At the very least an exterior paint job might be in order.
  • Drywall: If you have any damages to your drywall, now is the time to address them. Schedule drywall repairs and interior painting before you fill your home with decorations and family.
  • Roofing System: Schedule a thorough inspection of your roof to catch any damages before winter strikes. A weakness in your roofing system can lead to a loss in energy efficiency and to leaks forming. If you notice any dark spots on your ceiling or other signs of a leak, schedule roof repairs before guests have dripping water disturb their sleep.
  • Miscellaneous: This list is not exhaustive and you may find as you work your way through the interior and exterior of your home that you find more items in need of attention. Compile your list and let us know of anything you find around the home in need of repairs or improvement.

Consider Some Upgrades

What would pair well with the gorgeous homemade wreath you place on your front door? How about a fresh coat of paint? Want to make your home stand out this holiday season? Consider the installation of new siding. Even small improvements around the interior and exterior of your home can make all the difference in the appearance of your home overall. This time of year is a great time to finally invest in the upgrades you have been wanting.
Upgrades around the home can also improve your energy efficiency. Do you have drafts you have put off fixing? Don’t let grandma freeze in the guest room, talk to us about sealing up your home and improving the quality of your home’s efficiency.

Remember, at Happy Family Construction we are capable of handling anything from a major roof repair to a small interior painting project. If you have any questions about the home repair services in Murfreesboro we offer, contact our friendly staff. We are a locally owned and operated company. As your neighbors, we are passionate about helping you prepare your home for the festive holiday season ahead. To reach us for home repair or roofing services, feel free to give us a quick call.

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