Let’s say your home has sustained damage due to high winds, a hailstorm, flooding, or some other kind of catastrophe. What’s the best way to deal with the situation?

First, contact a reputable building contractor who is familiar with the insurance claims process in Murfreesboro. At Happy Family Construction, we’re a leading expert when it comes to the insurance restoration process. We’ll come to your home and perform a free detailed inspection of your property, and look for any and all damage caused by a storm or other natural event. When we find the damage, we’ll document it through photos and provide you with a detailed storm damage report. Because we have experience actually handling the work of gutter installation, exterior painting, roofing repairs, and more, we are well qualified to assess your property.

If no damage is found, great! You have some additional peace of mind. Yet, if we do discover damage, we’ll suggest you contact your insurance company and file an insurance claim in order to restore your home back to, if not better than, its pre-storm condition. Don’t worry about the insurance claim raising your rates, since this damage was caused by a natural event or Act of God. Since you didn’t cause the damage, it can’t be held against you if you decide to get it repaired.

While on the phone with the insurance company, be sure to get the insurance claim number and name of the adjuster. Your adjuster will also make an appointment to have your property inspected. Then get that information over to us, and we’ll be there for the inspection. The inspector, along with one of our representatives, will go over the damage. They’ll negotiate the pricing of the claim summary, if necessary. Finally, you should receive a check, and we’ll be able to start repairing your home.

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us.