dreamstime_xxl_16260041Your gutters may seem like they are fairly inconsequential. Hanging from the side of your roof, these simple mechanisms are actually responsible for protecting more of your property than you might first think. Gutters, when they are functioning properly, draw water away from your roof in a controlled manner. Then they carry this water away from your roof and away from your property through downspouts. When your gutters are working well, you might not even notice the work they are doing. However, when your gutters begin to fail, your entire property will suffer. If you have sagging gutters in need of repairs, or you are considering all new gutter installation, contact your gutter contractors in Murfreesboro at Happy Family Construction. We can help you keep your home comfortable and protected from the elements through our high quality, affordable workmanship.

Signs of Failing Gutters

dreamstime_xxl_9248624Sometimes you can tell when your gutters are in need of repairs or replacement simply by taking a look at them from the ground. If your gutters are extremely damaged you will notice sagging, or the gutters will begin to pull away from your roofing system. At this point, it is important to contact a gutter specialist, like our team, for assistance. Not only will sagging gutters do absolutely nothing to help you during heavy rains, they can damage your home further by pulling away from the structure.

Not all damages are as noticeable as gutters that are literally falling off your building. Other damages to your gutter system might include the following:

  • Cracking in the material
  • Holes and breaks in pieces of the system
  • Dents and dings from hail damage
  • Downspouts damaged
  • Rusting of metal gutter systems
  • Major clogs and buildup of debris in the system

Some gutter damage can be mitigated easily through simple repairs, but other damage is best remedied through complete gutter replacement. Our gutter contractors can help you determine which route is the most beneficial for your situation.

Why Gutters Matter

If your gutters are damaged, you should have them assessed for repairs or replacement right away. Although it might be tempting to put off this home improvement project, damaged gutters cause further damage to your property. When gutters are not working properly they can create all of the following issues:

  • Roofing Damages: Gutter systems should be pulling water off of your roofing system and draining it away from your property. When they are clogged or malfunctioning, they can cause water to instead pool on your roof. Pooling water will damage your roofing materials and can eventually seep into your roofing structure, destroying the integrity of the entire system. This can cause leaks in your home and the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Siding Damages: If water is rushing down the side of your home, your gutters are not working properly. This gushing water will slowly erode your siding. If you have older siding, this can be particularly harmful. Proper gutter systems should protect the sides of your home from cascading water
  • Landscaping Damages: One of the great benefits of a gutter system is the controlled manner in which you can direct water on your property. If your gutters or downspouts are failing, water will flood your property and wreak havoc on your beautiful landscaping. Plants can easily become damaged due to the battering they receive from gushing water and your soil can erode rapidly during heavy storms.

If you fear your gutters are damaged, or you are ready for a beautiful upgrade for your home, talk to us about gutter repairs or installation. We provide Murfreesboro with affordable, quality gutter services. As a locally owned and operated company, we are passionate about helping our community keep their homes comfortable and protected from the elements. Contact us today to learn more about our gutter services and pricing.

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